Annie Ballots Due on January 25th

If you are an ASIFA-Hollywood pro-member who has qualified to vote for the Annies, we are reminding you that this year’s online ballot deadline is midnight on January 25. We hope you have already begun the voting process.

You are able to vote in every category, though you do not have to vote in every category to complete your ballot. There may be up to eight nominees in a given category, but you will only vote for your top three selections, giving a # 1 to your first choice, # 2 to your second choice and # 3 to your final choice. You do not have to vote for three nominees in each category and you may refrain from casting a vote in any category for which you do not feel qualified.

You will not be required to complete your ballot in one sitting. Your selections are saved automatically, so you can log out at any time and then log in to return to the ballot as often as needed during the voting period. As your selections are saved on-the-fly. All saved votes will be tallied after the voting period has ended.

Remember, the deadline to cast ballots is midnight, Monday, January 25, 2016. Late ballots will not be counted. No exceptions.

Your vote is critical to a fair and equitable selection process, so many thanks in advance for voting!