ASIFA Event Etiquette: Our Autograph Policy

Lately, at a few ASIFA events, we have experienced some issues with “Autograph Paparazzi.” As this year’s animation screenings begin to take shape, ASIFA-Hollywood’s Autograph Policy bears repeating:

Screening and other events that feature appearances from animation filmmakers do not automatically guarantee attendees access to autographs, selfies or other mementos. When our featured guests do agree to provide autographs, photos, etc. ASIFA members are only entitled to one item per person. Trying to obtain more than one item is not permitted and persons abusing the privilege will be asked to refrain from any further interaction and leave the venue. Continued infractions could lead to a temporary loss of attendance benefits or even complete suspension of a member’s ability to take part in ASIFA events for the duration of their membership.

Further, members who are able to meet with our guest speakers should be mindful of other members and not monopolize the limited time we may have with them.

It goes without saying that if our guests do not wish to sign autographs, pose for photos, or if they have to leave before members get a chance to greet them, their wishes are to be graciously and gladly accommodated by all ASIFA members.