ASIFA-Hollywood Membership Cards Arriving Soon!

Several months ago, we asked those of you who did not already have a permanent membership card to register for one. Nearly 2,500 new members and older members who did not have a card did just that. We’re happy to report that membership cards are in the final stages of being produced and should be on their way to all of members within the next two weeks. Please keep your eye out for the ASIFA-Hollywood mailing envelope and when you get the card be sure to keep it somewhere safe. From now on, you will need to present your card each time you attend an ASIFA-Hollywood event.

If you do not have you card, you can always download a temporary version and print it or copy it to your smart phone. The temp card will contain your personal QR code and can be scanned for your membership status, just like the permanent card. To get your temporary card, click here, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the button that says ‘print a membership card’ and log in. You temp card will appear and you can either print it out or save it to your smart phone.

If you have any trouble doing this, please contact us at