Discount on Annual Membership for Associate Members at The ACME Network

The ACME Network has opened its award-winning non-profit online mentoring program, ACME Animation, to individuals. It now cordially extends a 15% discount on its annual membership to ASIFA-Hollywood’s associate members (students and non-pros), normally priced at $300. Members will have access to ACME’s online animation tutorials, its video library of pro tips and tricks, the community of peer mentors, and the ability to earn access to animation pros and portfolio review sessions. ACME offers students and educators a curriculum focused on the fundamental principles of animation.
In ACME’s Pay-It-Forward Community, students will offer constructive feedback to peers and upload artwork to earn access to industry professional mentors. All members are eligible to receive alerts for special events, webinars and opportunities relevant to their level of artistic and professional development. To learn more, go to Use price code ASIFA 15% Discount.