Members Screening of ‘My Favorite War’

Members of ASIFA-Hollywood are invited to a video introduction and online screening of ‘My Favorite War.”

About The Film

My Favorite War is an animated documentary telling the personal story of its director, Ilze Burkovska-Jacobsen, growing up in the USSR during the Cold War. It is an exciting coming-of-age story about finding one’s own identity, truth and loyalty.

We meet Ilze as a little girl playing war at her granddad´s farm, but then is faced with the horror of war threats at school. Ilze lives in a clash between Soviet reality and propaganda, as she finds out how opposite in their beliefs are people whom she loves the most.

Screening Information

The window of the My Favorite War online screener (which also includes Ilze’s intro) starts at 12pm PST on Wednesday, September 30th and end at 11:59pm PST on Saturday, October 3rd.

Information on how to access the screening will be sent to members of ASIFA-Hollywood via email.