Throwback Thursday #TBT: 2D Expo

Back on June 26, 2004, ASIFA-Hollywood hosted the 2D Expo: Pencils Not Pixels, a one-day symposium and conference for traditional animators, held  at Woodbury University in Burbank, California. The event featured meetings, screenings, panels, filmmakers, networking, grants, sketchbooks, inspiration, software, books, discussion, drawings and paintings.

A good mixture of high-profile animators and independents populated the panels that included topics covered topics: “2-D The Next Direction,” “Flash Animation,” “Doing It Yourself,” “Distribution/Promotion” and “They Still Show 2-D, Don’t They?

One of the highlights was a sneak peak at Pixar animator Jim Capobiancos 2D short film-in-progress, LEONARDO, which in pencil test form, already surpasses many finished shorts exhibited at recent festivals, especially in terms of story and its charming style.

After the panels it was time for screening Unsold Pilots, 2D shows that were not picked up by TV networks at the time.