Treasures of the ASIFA-Hollywood’s Animation Archive: Willie Whopper in Stratos Fear

ASIFA-Hollywood is dedicated to preserving film so that we don’t lose the treasures from the past. To ensure this, we have inaugurated our Animation Preservation Project. Through it, ASIFA-Hollywood will seek out, find, preserve, and restore those cartoon “orphans.” We will endeavor to make animation fans and the general public aware of the need to for preservation. This video is presented as a part of an educational program by the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive.

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Please be advised that some of these early cartoons feature behavior, stereotypes and cultural references common to the time that they were produced, but may be interpreted as insensitive or derogatory by today’s standards. Nevertheless, in an effort to provide a look at our history and the evolution of our art form, we show these films uncensored and in their entirety.