24 Hours Student Animation Contest an Incredible Success

This year, over 260 students participated in the 24 Hours Animation Contest for Students, having just 24 hours to produce a 30 second film from concept to completion. The five-person teams from 13 schools in the US, Canada and Australia produced a total of 53 projects. Sponsors included CTN, Disney, DreamWorks, FlipBook, Stuart Ng Books, ToonBoom, Wacom, and, of course, ASIFA-Hollywood.

1st place: Deflated
SCHOOL: California State University, San Jose

2nd place: The Mane Suspect
SCHOOL: QUT, Australia

3rd place: Mathemanimals
SCHOOL: California State University, Chico

4th place: Dig In
SCHOOL – Sheridan College, Canada

5th place: The Graduates
SCHOOL: California State University, San Jose

Feel free to check out the link below to view all of the contest films: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb-xgb47xNiec5DIFMJaYH10tx3N9egwD