#Afternoon of Remembrance

The 2013 annual Animators Afternoon of Remembrance is currently scheduled for February 23, 2014 at 12:00 pm at the Animation Guild in North Hollywood.

This is a traditional event where the whole animation community comes together to say goodbye to their friends who departed this past year. We honor everyone in animation from legends to beginners, producers to trainees and all ranks in between.

In 2013 our oldest honoree was 101 and the youngest 23. If you’d like to attend, we’ll keep posting notices on our website as we get closer to the ceremony and the Animation Guild website. Below is the current list of honorees:

2013 In Memoriam

Gerry Anderson
Toby Bluth
Martha Buckley
Reed Caldwell
Ron Dias
Diane Disney Miller
Terri Eddings
Bob Godfrey
Denise Greenawalt
Marcella Hahn
Ray Harryhausen
Lee Hartman
Tenny Henson
Eric Heschong
Nicolas Hoppe
Ray Jacobs
Bob Kirk
Zina Nicole Lahr
Jay Lawton
Ed Levitt
Shirley Maples
Tom McLaughlin
Charlene Miller
Armen Mirzaian
Ellen Moran
Mitzi Moreno
Don Nelson
Don Payne
Lori Pickett
Lois Ryker
Jesse Santos
Lou Scarborough
Lou Scheimer
Eva Schneider
Hetta Van Elk
Dardo Velez
Petros Vlahos
Marcia Wallace
John Wilson
Jonathan Winters