An Afternoon of Remembrance

On Saturday, February 7, the Animation Community will come together for An Afternoon of Remembrance, which is being presented by The Animation Guild, ASIFA-Hollywood and Women in Animation. The event begins at 12:00pm in the Guild’s meeting hall.

The Animation Guild

1105 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank

Saturday, February 7, 12pm.

It’s our annual non-denominational celebration of all our friends who passed away the previous year. Refreshments will be served.

Red Augustson, Lauren Bacall. Bill Barry, Sara Bleick, Lefty Callahan, Hortensia Casagran, Christine Cavanaugh, Simon Chung, Carol Creed, Sharon Dabek, Andreas Erkell, Betty-Jean Fredrick, Stu Gilliam, Leo Hobaica, Liz Holzman, John Howley, Dickie Jones, Jean Karaty, Larry Latham, Eddie Lawrence, Jamie Lloyd, Ernesto Lopez, Larry Lauria, Peggi Matz, Chris Moeller, Jack Mongovan, Anita Moreno, Graham Morris, Jimi Murikami, Elizabeth Pena, Stan Phillips, Laura Praamsma, Linda Praamsma, Arthur Rankin, Bob Revell, David Rodriguez Jr, Mickey Rooney, Marta Russel, Martha Sigall, Eleanor Silverman, Gay Ann Smith, Michael Sporn, Cecile Starr, Ken Stephenson, Hal Sutherland, Bob Taylor, Frank Terry, Auril Thompson-Pebley, Ron Tippe, Margaret Trinidad, Don Vanderbeek, Inge Vartapetian, David Weidman, Robin Williams, Richard Wilson, Allen Wilzbach

It’s an informative and interesting event that is free to all. In past years Chuck Jones came to speak about Friz Freleng, and Ollie Johnston spoke about Marc Davis. If you’d like to speak on behalf of one of your friends, please contact us via email at