An Open Letter To Our ASIFA-Hollywood Membership

This is the time of year when we have our unofficial ASIFA-Hollywood membership drive. In fact, you may have received a note from us during the last week or two, explaining that your membership has expired or is about to, and that it is time to renew. If you are a corporate sponsored member, your studio is probably compiling its roster of new and returning enrollees right now.

There are many advantages to being a member. Just take a look at our website or the e-mail blast accompanying this note. There are screenings, events, festivals, special offers, networking and educational opportunities, and, of course, participation in the Annie Awards.

And there is one more important benefit, the most intangible reason to be a member…and perhaps the most important. That is support for our community; standing with us in our continued effort to improve, sustain and grow the world’s foremost professional animation organization, dedicated to promoting the art of animation and celebrating the people who create it.

So it’s not just getting a video screener, or the opportunity for you and your family to see an animated feature, or attending a special event, or taking advantage of one discount or another. Rather, it is the knowledge that you are part of a wider and more encompassing community, with a history that is important and a culture that you are proud of and want to see flourish, now and into the future. Membership in ASIFA-Hollywood is not a selfish act — it is a selfless one, acknowledging the community you work in and, hopefully, the community you love.

That is why I joined ASIFA-Hollywood nearly 20 years ago, and why I hope you will join or renew now.

With sincerest appreciation,


Frank Gladstone
President, ASIFA-Hollywood