Animation Educators’ Forum (AEF) Selects 2024 Hall of Fame Recipients

The Animation Educators’ Forum (AEF), a nonprofit association of teachers and scholars dedicated to the art of animated film, has announced its selection of the 2023 Hall of Fame recipients. Annually in January, the AEF unveils a new group of recipients. To suggest a worthy candidate, please visit: and send your suggestions to Tom Sito, administrator.

Here’s the distinguished Class of 2024 for the Animation Educators Hall of Fame:
Charles Csuri (1922-2022)

Charles Csuri not only produced and directed but also educated, earning him the moniker “The father of digital art and computer animation” by Smithsonian Magazine. He notably established The Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design at The Ohio State University, where he mentored animators like Chris Wedge.

Tony Eastman (1942-2020)

Tony Eastman animated Beavis & Butt-head, directed Doug, and served as the lead animator for TV Funhouse on Saturday Night Live. He shared his expertise by teaching animation at the Philadelphia College of Art.

Dave Hilberman (1911-2007)

Hilberman contributed as a layout artist and art director at the Walt Disney Studios, notably working on Bambi. His activism during the 1941 Disney animators’ strike and subsequent involvement in UPA and Tempo Productions showcased his commitment. He left a lasting impact on young artists at San Francisco State University.

Eric Larson (1905-1988)

Larson counted among Disney’s Nine Old Men, played a pivotal role in mentoring future animation luminaries of the 1990s, such as Brad Bird, Don Bluth, and Tim Burton.

Boris Morkovin (1882- 1968)

Boris Morkovin was a sociologist and psychologist, who chaired the Cinema Department at the University of Southern California, where he taught Disney artists humor theories and contributed to film demographics research.

Roger Noake (born 1941)

Roger Noake, a British senior lecturer at Farnham, The University for the Creative Arts, UCA, conducted workshops internationally and authored influential books on animation techniques.

Ishu Patel (born 1942)

Ishu Patel, renowned for his award-winning experimental films made for the National Film Board of Canada, shared his expertise at various institutions including India’s National Institute of Design, USC, and Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.

Lotte Reiniger (1899-1981)

Lotte Reiniger, celebrated for her silhouette stop-motion animated films, actively engaged in workshops and exhibitions worldwide, showcasing her distinctive work.

Raoul Servais (1928-2023)

Raoul Servais, an award-winning Belgian animator and filmmaker, established the animation faculty at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, leaving an indelible mark on European animators.

Bill Shull (1902-1989)

A former Disney animator, Bill Shull founded the UCLA Animation Workshop in 1948, embodying a commitment to nurturing individual talent.