Are You a Member? Are You Sure?

As you may have read in recent e-blasts, our membership drive is on. You are getting this e-mail because you are on our rolls as a member, but it is entirely possible that your membership is expiring or maybe even has expired.

You should be getting an email in advance of your expiration date, but if your personal data has changed in the past year (e.g. you have changed companies, email or postal addresses, are in a witness protection program, etc.), or if there is some other error in your membership profile, the notice may not reach you, so, just to make sure, it is important to check and update your records with us.

That is easy to do. Just click on the drop down “Membership” menu of this website and then click on “Update Profile”. That page will show you all of your current information. If something is not correct, for instance your e-mail or postal address, you can change it there. You can also check to see if your membership has lapsed or is about to. You can renew your membership right from your profile page. Click “submit” which will take you to another page, where you can update your membership, or you can simply go back to the home page membership menu and click on “Renew Membership.”

If you are a corporate sponsored member, you might want to check with your studio about your membership status.

It is award season and “for your consideration” mailings (DVD screeners, studio screening invitations, other promotional materials) will soon be going out. Mailings are not sent by ASIFA-Hollywood, but by the studios directly, using our membership rosters, so there will not be an opportunity to get a screener if your ASIFA profile is not current. Some materials may only be sent to professional members and some studios will not deliver to post office boxes, or may require a signature for delivery.

Finally, please remember that in order to qualify to participate in this year’s Annie Award ballot, you must be registered as a pro-level member by November 4, 2013.