ASIFA-Hollywood to Provide More Student Scholarships

ASIFA-Hollywood recently announced plans to provide more scholarships to animation students and to allocate more funds for artists and film preservation. “While you may know ASIFA-Hollywood for its annual Annie Award ceremony, honoring the best in the animation industry, we want to spread the word about the other areas of our industry that we support,“ says ASIFA-Hollywood Executive Director, Frank Gladstone. “In the coming year, we plan to allocate considerably more funds to our Animation Aid Foundation, supporting artists who have fallen on hard times, and we will also be increasing funds for ongoing film preservation. Additionally, the chapter plans to assist ASIFA International, our umbrella organization, in creating a new web presence.”

ASIFA-Hollywood’s Animation Educators Forum (AEF) will select and distribute five sizeable animation scholarships. According to AEF steering committee chair/member, Aubry Mintz,“ AEF provides an important link between the animation industry and students, and will provide well-deserved scholarships to students across the United States.”