CTN #Workshops for Storytellers and #Animation Rock Stars

CTN will be hosting the following workshops at Center Stage Gallery later this month:

The 5 Keystones to Great Screenwriting: As a follow up to the standing room only “Writing for Animation” workshop at the CTN Expo in November 2013, award-winning writer Rob Edwards (Disney’s Academy Award nominated THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG and TREASURE PLANET) will be taking this class through the next steps to building dynamic and entertaining screenplays that will stand toe to toe with the pros. More information and registration can be found at: http://eventregistration.ctnadmin.com/event_details.php?id=5

Creating a Rockstar Portfolio: This workshop is designed to help artists showcase their work according to their own artistic voice, technical strengths and specific career goals. In addition to reviewing portfolios for Disney Feature in a variety of contexts, thereby viewing a cross-section of portfolios from art schools the world over, Dominick co-taught the Portfolio class in Art Center’s Entertainment Track for six years, helping to craft the portfolios that landed today’s ‘Rock Stars’ at many of the major studios. More information and registration can be found at: http://eventregistration.ctnadmin.com/event_details.php?id=7

ASIFA Members will receive a 10% discount on these workshops by using a special discount code when registering. The code will be sent to members via email.