It’s Time for the 14th Annual 24-Hour Animation Contest

The 2016 edition of the 24 Hour Animation Contest will take place on Friday, October 7 at 3pm PST! This is the contest’s 14th year, and the teams will have double the amount of participants of last year’s event.

This contest will teach students much about working together, meeting deadlines and making creative decisions under pressure. Although it is quite a bit to do in such a short time, the teams always finish their films…and everyone has a lot of fun, too!

2015: A Banner Year
2015 proved to be the biggest year of the annual event. In its 13th year, the contest included a record-breaking 525 students participating from 24 schools from around the world! Sponsored by ToonBoom, CSU Summer Arts, Digicel, Focal Press, Wacom, CTN, ASIFA-Hollywood, Stuart Ng Books, Dreamworks, Blue Sky, Laika, Animation Magazine and Film Roman/Starz, the event broke all previous records in participation!

The animated shorts from last year are available for viewing below in the 24 Hour YouTube playlist, or be sure to watch it on ASIFA-Hollywood’s YouTube page. For more event information, Be sure to visit the event’s Facebook page.