Members Screening and Video Introduction of ‘Beauty Water’

Debuted at Annecy 2020, Korean animated movie “Beauty Water” provides a dark view of using plastic surgery to change one’s socioeconomic standing.

Based on the famous Korean webtoon called “Tales of the Unusual,” “Beauty Water” creates a horror story by showing the distorted desire for beauty and fear of plastic surgery. The main character, Yeji, comes across the miraculous “Beauty Water” and becomes the beauty that she always wanted to be. She seems to recover her low self-esteem due to her previous appearance, but she relies on the “Beauty Water” as her desire for beauty grows more, which drives her to self-destruction and dreadful consequence.

The window for the online screener is now available and ends at 11:59pm PST on Sunday, November 7th. Information on how to access the screening will be sent to members of ASIFA-Hollywood via email.