Members Screening of ‘Mosley’

Writer/Director Kirby Atkins presents an OIAF Festival official selection for the film “Mosley.”

The window of the MOSLEY online screener is now available and ends at 11:59pm PST on Sunday, November 15th. Information on how to access the screening will be sent to members of ASIFA-Hollywood via email.

About The Film

A family of four-legged creatures called “thoriphants” work as beasts of burden for SIMON, a bitter, man living on an isolated farm. One night, Mosley and his young son, Rue, discover a cave with ancient drawings similar to themselves, but with hands and walking upright. This discovery sends Mosley on a dangerous quest, while Warfied, a hunter hired by Simon, tracks him down…Mosley must rescue his family and perhaps discover his own true nature. MOSLEY is a timeless story, an epic tale of love, sacrifice…and learning to walk upright.