10˚ MUMIA Animation Festival

The piece in the video below was created by Diego Akel to encourage filmmakers to submit to the MUMIA Underground World Animation Festival. The festival, which is celebrating its 10th year this fall, screens in various Brazilian cities including Belo Horizonte, Betim and Nova Lima. If you’re interested in showing your film at MUMIA, go here for submission details. Entries need to be postmarked by May 31.

MUMIA aims to broaden the spaces of imagination and possibilities of anew speech on art, of a new way of sensing the world and also a new way of expression, amid giving support to the brazilian cinematography culture bycreating room to the emerging of new audiences, producers and directors.

Films and vídeos produced without any kind of support, no money at all or even those which caused loss to its producers and other ones made with very low budgets are very well accepted too.

MUMIA, a competitive festival, is an initiative of Brazilian animators in cooperation with Betim City Hall, Belo Horizonte’s Incentive Law of Culture, ABCA, SESC Palladium, Leite Filmes, Pimenta Filmes, Sinpro Minas and IT Films, Comunication and Entertainment, UNA Universitarian Center, Oficina de Imagens, Mucury Cultural, Casa Fora do Eixo.

The purpose of MUMIA is to promote the cultural production of animation films and videos, contributing to its development as an artistic language, specific format and production method. The Festival also aims to offer the local audience the access to the national and international animation production beyond what is currently available through commercial outlets, traditional production houses or film institutions.

You can view their blog at mumiainternational.blogspot.com