Netflix Invites ASIFA-Hollywood members to a Screening and Q&A of ‘Vivo’

Members of ASIFA-Hollywood are invited to a screening of the animated film “Vivo.”

The screening will become available August 7 at 2pm PT, and will continue through August 10 at 11:30pm PT. A live Q&A with the filmmakers will go live August 10 at 6pm PT. The live Q&A will include Director/Writer Kirk DeMicco, Producer Lisa Stewart, Production Designer Carlos Zaragoza, and VFX Supervisor Karl Herbst. It will be moderated by ASIFA-Hollywood Executive Director Frank Gladstone.

Information on how to RSVP will be sent to members via email.

About “Vivo”

An animated musical adventure featuring new songs written and performed by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, “Vivo” follows a one-of-kind kinkajou (Miranda), who spends his days playing music in a lively Havana square with his beloved owner Andrés (Juan de Marcos González). Vivo and Andrés don’t speak the same language, but are the perfect duo through their common love of music. Tragedy strikes soon after Andrés receives a letter from the famous Marta Sandoval (Gloria Estefan), inviting her old partner to her farewell concert in Miami, and it’s up to Vivo to deliver a message that Andrés never could: A love letter to Marta, written long ago, in the form of a song. In order to get to the distant shores of Miami, Vivo will need to accept the help of Gabi (Ynairaly Simo) – an energetic tween who bounces to the beat of her own offbeat drum.