The 2015 Membership Drive is On!

This week, our ASIFA-Hollywood’s annual membership drive commences. In fact, if your membership is expiring, you may have received a warning note from us that it is time to renew. If you are a corporate sponsored member, your studio is probably beginning to compile its roster of new and returning enrollees right now.

Whether you are an Associate or Pro-level Member of ASIFA-Hollywood, this is a good time of year to renew your membership. In light of the upcoming award season, the following information is especially applicable to our pro-level members.

As a professional level member, even if you have not received a renewal notice, we know you’ll want to receive the full benefits of your ASIFA-Hollywood pro-membership (such as Annie Awards voting and screener opportunities). Please take a moment today to check your account, even if you believe that you’re a current member in good standing. Just go to the login page, sign in and take a look. If your contact information is out of date or in error, it is easy to edit.

The studio mailing services will be asking for updated mailing lists as soon as the membership drive is over, so you must be on the list as a current, pro-level member and your preferred postal and email addresses must be correct. Otherwise, it is likely that you will not get the materials (DVD screeners, screening invitations calendars, etc.) that the studios and distributors want to send your way.

ASIFA-Hollywood does not send out screeners and other “for your consideration” materials. The studios and marketing companies do that. We simply supply our most updated mailing list. Once the list is distributed, and if your information is incorrect or out of date, we have no practical way of going back to the studios to amend lists or get mismailed materials for you.

Important! To be eligible to vote for this year’s Annie Awards, you must be a pro-level member in good standing by November 6 and your membership must continue at least through January 2016. You must also be approved to vote. (Read this article for more information on being approved to vote.)

There are many advantages to being a pro-level member. Besides our screenings, events, festivals, special offers, networking and educational opportunities, and, of course, participation in the Annie Awards, there is one more important benefit: support for our community!