The Annie Award Ballot is Coming Soon!

On January 2nd, this year’s ballots for the 42nd Annie Awards will be coming to all of ASIFA-Hollywood’s pro-level members who have qualified to vote. (Please note, associate level members do not have voting privileges.) If you are a pro-level member, you might want to check your voting status.

It is likely that you have already been approved to vote, but if you haven’t yet applied or your status is marked as undecided, you’ll see an area where you can apply. Once you are there, you can upload in a description of your experience, a resume, or simply link to your IMDB page (very helpful). Within 24 hours, we will review your application and determine your voting status for this year.

Generally, your voting status will be approved if you have production credits within one of the Annie categories or your work is decisively related to production. Some reasons you may be denied or remain in the undecided category is are a lack of actual credits, non-specific job descriptions, or your work is not directly attributable to hands-on animation production.

If you disagree with our evaluation, you may appeal your status by contacting us at Further, jobs, job descriptions and experience change, so even if your status is not approved this year, you can always re-apply for the next Annie cycle.

If you are approved to vote, your voting status continues as long as you remain a member in good standing. You will not need to apply again.

If you have not been officially approved to vote by December 31, 2014, you will not receive a ballot this year.