The Annies are Coming! Make Sure You’re an Annie Voter…

As a professional member, you must also be approved to vote for the Annies. To see if you’re already on the voting rolls, visit the ASIFA-Hollywood Website Login Page and log in. If you have already applied, your approval status will be displayed on this page and, if you have been approved, you don’t have to do anything more. Your approval will continue for as long as you remain a member. If you find that you have not previously applied, follow the instructions to submit your voting application. Include a resume or IMDB listing with your request.

The general rule for approval is that you must work in a production position and that your work, in some direct manner, effects the “images and/or sound on screen.”

If your voting approval has been declined, you may, at any time, petition for additional consideration by sending an e-mail to You must be an approved voter by December 21 to participate in Annie Award voting this year. Pro members who are not approved, will remain on the studio mailing lists and receive screeners and other “for your consideration” materials.

Associate members cannot vote for the Annies and, unless otherwise requested by a specific studio, are not included on the “for your consideration” mailing lists.