Treasures of the ASIFA-Hollywood’s Animation Archive: Gypsy Life

Few people know the names of the artists who make cartoons, even fewer know of their background and training.

Carlo Vinci was not only the man who animated the sexy girls dancing in Mighty Mouse cartoons and Fred Flintstone’s tippy-toe bowling scenes, he was also an accomplished fine artist. He is mainly known for his career at Terrytoons and Hanna-Barbera animation studios. Among the characters he animated were the original Mighty Mouse, Yogi Bear and Flintstones.

Before his work at the studios, Carlo worked as a commercial artist from 1921 to 1932. In 1933, he was hired at Van Beuren Studios in New York as an animator, where he trained a young newcomer named Joe Barbera. When Van Beuren closed, Vinci found work at Terrytoons Studio.

Vinci was fired during a Terrytoons strike in 1947 but returned the following November. In 1955, Vinci was offered a position at MGM in California by Barbera, where he was first credited on the animated short Give and Tyke. He remained at the studio until it closed in 1957. Barbera helped Vinci land a temporary job with the Walt Disney Studio until the Hanna-Barbera Studio opened the following year. Vinci was one of the original four animators hired at Hanna-Barbera Studio, and remained there until he retired in 1979.

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Please be advised that some of these early cartoons feature behavior, stereotypes and cultural references common to the time that they were produced, but may be interpreted as insensitive or derogatory by today’s standards. Nevertheless, in an effort to provide a look at our history and the evolution of our art form, we show these films uncensored and in their entirety.