ASIFA-Hollywood Members are Invited to an Encore Video Introduction and Online Screening of ‘Lava’

Due to technical difficulties, last week’s online screening of “Lava” was hampered by subtitles that weren’t synchronized correctly. This technical issue has been corrected, so the screening can now be revisited.

About the Film

Deborah, a tattoo artist, tries to save herself and her town from an alien invasion. The aliens, in the form of large cats, cackling witches, and never-ending snakes have harnessed the media in order to hypnotize humanity into submission. Deborah must resist their control and convince others to do the same

The window of the “Lava” online screener (which also includes Ayar’s intro below) ends at 11:59pm PST on Saturday, Oct 10th. The screener is available to all ASIFA-Hollywood members. Information on how to access the screening will be sent to members of ASIFA-Hollywood via email.