ASIFA-Hollywood Membership Cards

Don’t Have your ASIFA-Hollywood Membership Card? Here is How to Get one!

ASIFA-Hollywood is preparing to send out a new round of membership cards. You will soon be receiving an email invitation to get a permanent membership card. If you already have a membership card, please do not request another, but if you:

  1. were been registered as a new member during the past year, or
  2. have lost your card, or
  3. did not receive a card during our previous card mailings, please follow the instructions in that email to receive your card.

member-cardYou can also visit our membership login page and request your card. (If you use this method, you will be asked to log in before accessing the page.)

Please note that once you have a card, it does not expire as long as you have an active membership, even for multiple years. If you reactive your membership, the card that you currently have will become active as well and can be used to events.

Access to temporary cards that you can print out or copy to your smart phone are always available by going to this page and logging in.