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  • Throwback Thursday #TBT: 2D Expo

    By David.Derks on April 24, 2014
    Back on June 26, 2004, ASIFA-Hollywood hosted the 2D Expo: Pencils Not Pixels, a one-day symposium and conference for traditional animators, held  at Woodbury University in Burbank, California. The event featured meetings, screenings, panels, filmmakers, networking, grants, sketchbooks, inspiration, software, books, discussion, drawings and paintings. A good mixture of high-profile animators and independents populated the panels that included topics covered […]
  • Throwback Thursday #TBT: Inside The Lines

    By David.Derks on April 17, 2014
    On April 17, 2005, ASIFA-Hollywood celebrated the publication of Martha Sigall’s book, Living Life In Side The Lines: Tales From The Golden Age of Animation, and a special birthday celebration at the Van Eaton Animation Art Gallery in Sherman Oaks. Written with warmth, humor, and a touch of nostalgia, Living Life In Side The Lines: Tales From The Golden Age […]
  • Throwback Thursday #TBT: #ASIFA-Hollywood at #CTNX

    By David.Derks on April 10, 2014
    Back in 2011, ASIFA-Hollywood was a participant at the CTN Animation eXpo! The Creative Talent Network worked with some of the best in animation and illustration and brought attendees to a slew of must-see events! With over 50 speaker sessions, 35 workshops, 100 live demonstrations, book signings, recruiting and an exhibit floor visitors felt like they just walked into the greatest studio in […]
  • Throwback Thursday #TBT: National Film Board of Canada

    By David.Derks on March 13, 2014
    Back in October of 2012, ASIFA-Hollywood presented an evening with the National Film Board of Canada (NAB) at Woodbury University. World-renowned illustrator MICHÈLE LEMIEUX presented Here and the Great Elsewhere, made in the pinscreen technique, first invented by Alexandre Alexeieff in the 1930s. Lemieux also demonstrated the intriguing and mysterious pinscreen. Also at the event, winner of the Annecy Cristal […]
  • Throwback Thursday #TBT: #ASIFA-Hollywood at Comic Con

    By David.Derks on March 6, 2014
    Back in 2004, ASIFA-Hollywood attended the 2004 San Diego Comic Con and presented many panels. Jerry Beck was there and presented his ever popular Worst Cartoons Ever screening. It was hard to believe that so many people knew the words to “Mighty Mr. Titan,” which has become a perennial favorite for conventioneers. Bob Miller presented the State of the Animation […]